About Us

If you ever thought of learning something new, learn how to build a website. That's how this site was created. It's fun and challenging. Instantly you become the designer of a website which you share your knowledge or expertise with readers from around the world.

My name is Derek Teo. I come from Singapore, a small country in the South East Asia. My sister-in-law May, who is a fashion designer, is my adivisor. As English is my second language, please forgive me if you happen to spot any error in my writing.

I was a property agent since 1999. That's how long I've been tying and untying a tie. I knew that it's not easy to tie a tie if you are a beginner. In my opinion the most frustration in dealing with a tie is not How to Tie a Necktie, but the difficulty of shopping a tie that you truly love. That's right, a tie that you really love to wear it at all time.

If you shop frequent enough around your local retail shops, you would agree with me that the brands and variety of ties are very limited. That's the reason I started my online shopping long time ago hunting for my favourite ties. I believe those sites that I refer to you will made your shopping fruitful.

I really hope that you will enjoy what I have created for you. Please come back often to visit us. Write to us your comments and feedback how we can improve the site.

Hope to see you again.

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