The Black Tie - A Formal Affair

The black tie is a wardrobe staple in the lives of many well-dressed men, from celebrities to business professionals.

This Solid Color Tie is key to success at any formal event, from fancy dinners to movie premiers. Whereas many men still wear a Bow Tie with their traditional tuxedos, many fashion forward men have been choosing the black necktie instead, for a very trendy look. But where did this tradition of the "black tie event" begin?

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The Black Tie Event

In truth, the black tie actually replaced the white tie as the formal neckwear of choice after 1950. The white tie is actually still worn in Britain for formal events, especially by royalty. But on the whole, the white tie was replaced by the more contrasting black necktie as fashion has moved forward.

The black tie is traditionally worn only after 6 o'clock in the evening or after the sun goes down in the winter time. If you hear of this event know that this is a very formal affair with a certain dress code and conduct expectations.

It is best when attending these functions to stick with your black Silk Tie, and not try to stand out with prints or wild colors. You will only make yourself look silly.

The Black Tie Attire

Of course, a key element to achieving the right style for a formal event is to match your black silk tie to your suit. You will want a black or midnight blue, single breasted, ventless jacket. Traditionally the peaked lapel is worn, though sometimes rounded lapels are also seen as acceptable. One or two buttons are acceptable, any more are seen as a fad derived from smoking jackets.

The pants should match the jacket, and not have folded cuffs or belt loops. Your shirt should be white, and this is perhaps the most important rule to keep. A black tie event is not the place to pull out your colored shirts, under any circumstances.

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It's also important to buy a quality black silk tie, because this is a piece that you can use for a lifetime. Look for ties that are handmade and are well lined. Remember to take care of your tie as well, because manufacturers do not recommend cleaning for silk ties. In the event that you must clean your silk tie, it will never look the same as it did when it was new.

As the black necktie is a wardrobe staple, it should be pretty easy to find at the tie retailer of your choice. Some of the more well known tie designers who have a good collection of black neckties include Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole and Moschino. All of these ties are made by classic design houses whose quality has been proven over and over.

However, if you are just starting out in life and can't afford a Designer Tie, a generic black silk tie should only set you back about fifty US dollars. Keep in mind though, that as this is a tie you'll be wearing for the rest of your life, it may be worth saving up for.

Hopefully by now, when you are invited to a black tie event, you can face it without fear. The protocol for dressing is easy; all you have to do is collect the essential pieces for your wardrobe. Which is the most important? Did you even have to ask? Go grab your black silk tie, now!

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