The Dot Tie
A Classy, Hip, and Modern Option

A Brief History of Dot Tie

When you think of polka dots the first thing that comes to mind may not be a hip and classy dot necktie. You may think of children's outfits and circus clowns, but polka dots have become so much more fashionable than that. Whether light or dark, bright or sober, polka dots have become an unstoppable Tie Pattern.

The polka dot pattern first surfaced in the late nineteenth century in England. At the time polka music was also very popular with the people, and so the two came together, even though the dot pattern has no concrete connection to polka music. Perhaps it is simply that the pattern reflects the joyful and lighthearted feeling that polka music evokes.

Traditionally polka dots are used on children's clothing with primary or pastel colors, but recent fashion trends have changed that.

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The Design of Dot Tie

The polka dot pattern is made up of many circles placed on a solid color background. The dots can be all one size, or they can be made up of many varying sizes. Likewise, the color can be monochrome, or many contrasting colors to play against the solid background.

What separates the dot necktie from its children's clothing pattern counterpart is the incorporation of adult color schemes that are rich and complicated. A dark brown background is covered in light and navy blue dots of different sizes, or a yellow background is matched with deep orange dots. The main theme in bringing the dot necktie to an adult standard is to present the pattern in more grown up colors.

Another change that helps the polka dot pattern mature is the use of smaller dots, sometimes so small that they are almost microscopic. No large clown dots or overwhelming blotches of color, just small, understated pinpricks. These elements help make the dot necktie a truly chic men's accessory.

A Dot Necktie is Great for Work and Party

The polka dot necktie is a great work wear accessory, especially in neutral colors and smaller prints. If you work in a conservative environment look for colors like navy and cream paired with very small dots.

Of course, if you are willing to push the fashion envelope a bit, there are some very adventurous yet classy dot neckties. Look for a pink tie with beige and brown dots of various sizes, or ties that use rich and unusual colors like purple or cobalt blue. These bold ties are also great for a cocktail party or a dinner where you would like to stand out. With the dot necktie, there really is something for everybody, and for many occasions.

Where to Shop or Buy a Dot Necktie?

If you are looking for a dot tie to buy then you have many options. For a conservative brand try Italian design house

If you are looking for something a bit more trendy then TM Lewinicon has just what you need.

Regardless of who your favorite designers are, they are bound to have polka dotted ties in their collections because the pattern has become such a staple.

No longer do you have to be a kid to wear a fabulous polka dot pattern. With the dot ties produced by the top fashion houses, you can wear the grown up version with style and panache.

Just remember not to take yourself too seriously, after all, polka dots started as a fun pattern full of joy, and I think we should keep them that way. Don't we?

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