The Geometric Tie
A Perfect Tie for the Cutting Edge Man

Design of Geometric Tie

It's amazing how even the most basic shapes can come together to create the beautiful patterns that make up the geometric necktie.

There are three basic shapes for all geometric neckties, the square, triangle, and circle. Of course you are going to run into rectangles, oblongs, and octagons, but these three shapes make up the majority of geometric patterns.

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Why Would You Want to Wear a Geometric Necktie?

Your most basic patterns will have two colors, a solid background color and a contrasting color for the shape, which can range from miniscule to large. This two tone look is the most common, but many other ties incorporate multiple colors, and some even use the geometric lines to create a three dimensional look.

The pattern may be made up of basic shapes, but a geometric necktie certainly allows you to think out of the traditional box of Striped and Solid Ties.

Another positive aspect to this Tie Pattern is that it is perfectly permissible at work. Whereas novelty ties and Paisley Ties can sometimes be too eccentric for the workplace, a geometric necktie is visually stimulating and conservative at the same time.

You can also feel free to wear a geometric patterned tie out to dinner or drinks after work as well. It's a professional pattern that maintains a high level of style, without making you look over-dressed.

How to Match the Geometric Necktie?

Matching your geometric necktie to your shirt is relatively easy, so don't sweat it! You safest choice, as always, is a simple white shirt, which goes with all patterns and colors.

If you want to wear a solid colored dress shirt, the rule is very simple. Just be sure to match the color of your dress shirt to the contrasting color (not the main color) of the tie. You don't have to match the colors exactly; in fact a different shade of the same color looks extremely striking and fashion forward.

You can also wear a patterned shirt with a geometric patterned tie; the cardinal rule here is simply to keep the pattern on the dress shirt smaller and more understated than the pattern on the tie. If you really want to go for the wow factor match the most subtle color in your dress shirt to the background color of your tie. This will create a look that really pops. More on Matching Tie and Shirt.

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