Giorgio Armani Ties

The Armani line was actually started relatively recently, in 1975, by Giorgio Armani and his partner Sergio Galleotti. They had only ten thousand dollars to begin with, yet now they employ over four thousand employees and are looking to buy a hotel chain. Talk about a success story. Armani's roots lie in fashion however, and to that they hold true. Almost all of Armani's designs are produced in-house, unlike other fashion chains which are owned by conglomerates. In fact, Armani is one of the few companies to remain under private ownership (owned by Giorgio Armani).

The Designer Ties created by Armani are unique, hand stitched creations. Armani utilizes brighter colors than the previous designers we've discussed, such as lilac and buttercup yellow. Also look for light blues, and eye catching reds.

As far as patterns go, they are traditional with a bit of an edge. Look for classic stripes, but in unusual proportions. Armani also incorporates beautiful grid and check designs, as well as masculine floral motifs.

The man who wears Armani is stylish, yet not afraid to be a little different, and to stand out from the competition.

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