The Green Tie
What Dress Shirts Go Well with the Green Necktie?

What better way in the world to attract money to you than by wearing the very color it's made of, in the form of a green tie. Though money may not be the most important thing in the world to you, green as a color also stands for much more. But beyond the symbolic meanings, green is simply an attractive color.

Whether it is the bright green of spring grass or the deep green of a lush forest, the color holds an attraction that few can deny. Before we get into the hows of matching your green necktie to the rest of your outfit, let's look at some of the deeper meanings behind the color.

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The Meaning behind the Green Tie

Green is a complex color fraught with many meanings. First and foremost as a business man you should be concerned with green's connection to money. After all, that is what you work so hard for, isn't it? Wear your emerald colored tie and focus on the money-making mindset, because confidence is key.

Beyond the material aspects however, green represents the lushness and fertility of growing plants, and the prosperity they bring. Green is also coming to be seen as an environmentally friendly color, and earth-friendly products and practices are now referred to as "green".

Of course, the color can also reference newness or jealousy as well. If you are brand new to a profession you don't want to go marching around in a green necktie, lest people make fun of you for the connotation of being new and inexperienced. Nonetheless, greens can be a powerful color signifying growth and wealth.

Matching a Green Necktie

When consulting the Color Wheel we find that the complimentary color to green is red. While the two colors look fabulous together, unfortunately the combination has already been monopolized by the Christmas holidays.

In order to avoid looking like Santa Claus or a runaway Christmas tree, I would recommend not combining the colors in large doses. A solid red shirt with a green tie would be highly unfashionable for example, unless it were Christmas Eve.

Try a white shirt with small ruby stripes instead, or a tie that incorporates both green and red.

Remember, you can always wear a white shirt with any Color Tie; it is a universal piece of clothing. Also feel free to wear a patterned shirt with your Patterned Tie, just make sure that the tie always has the larger pattern. You don't want to end up with two clashing pieces of clothing warring for attention on your chest. More on Matching Tie and Shirt.

Where to Shop for Green Neckties

Green happens to be a very hot color right now, so you'll find plenty of choices when you go looking for your green necktie.

I love the wide selection of Italian designers at, where you can find adventurous novelty ties by Fornasetti and lovely green geometric ties by Gianni Versace.

For classic solids, stripes and geometric shapes in rich shades of green I really like Thomas Pink, which had dozens of green neckties to choose from. You really can't go wrong with either of these two retailers if you are looking for well-made Silk and Wool Ties.

So now that you are green with envy and simply dying to have more green ties of your own, you should get going!

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