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The Hugo Boss brand was founded in 1923 by German tailor Hugo Boss. The company was originally involved in manufacturing the all black uniform worn by the Nazi paramilitary forces. After World War II the company expanded to become one of the great large fashion design houses. Hugo Boss now consists of three lines, Boss Black, Boss Green, and Boss Orange. The Orange and Green labels are sportier, focusing on casual urban chic. The Black line is a high fashion designer line, geared more towards a prestigious image.

If you are looking for a hip and modern designer tie, then Hugo Boss is the brand for you. Look for strong colors like black, red, and cobalt blue. The ties also feature very modern patterns, such as polka dots, grids, and subtle paisleys done in the same color as the tie itself.

The man who wears Hugo Boss likes to have an air of youth and trendiness about him. He's all about the latest fashions and what they can do for him. Many designers have a more classic look that some young people might feel looks "old". Boss fills in the gap, and lets younger, hip men have a stab at a high quality designer tie as well.

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