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The Moschino line was started in 1983 by the late Franco Marchino. It has since been bought out by the Aeffe fashion group, a conglomerate which oversees the design of many fashion houses. The current head designer, Rosella Jardini, has tried to maintain Maschino's style and sense of humor throughout his lines. Currently there are two men's lines in production, "Moschino" and "Moschino Jeans".

The Moschino designer tie really is all about humor and surprises. The man who wears a Moschino tie definitely cannot be a square peg. He has to see something funny both about himself and the world around him.

Moschino ties are designed with fairly conservative colors, blacks, whites, blues, and reds, but the patterns are out of this world. What at first appears to be a simple geometric pattern turns out to be, on closer inspection, shoes, hearts, or cowboy hats. Other ties include lucky symbols in the weave, and one of my personal favorites looks like a striped tie, but the lines are actually made up of tobacco pipes.

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If you are a man with style and a sense of humor as well, Moschino is the line for you.

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