Necktie Knots Video
Six Advanced Tie Knots

There are various necktie knots you may use to tie a tie. The following are six of the 12 Tie Tying Video Clips presented in this site. These video clips show you different ways to tie a tie using St. Andrew, Plattsburgh, Nicky, Victoria, Christensen and Cavendish knots. These tie knots are for more experienced people who are already familiar with the Four Classic Tie Knots.

If you are new or just beginning to learn how to tie a tie, you may want to start with the Most Easiest Oriental Knot, Most Commonly Worn Four in Hand Knot or the Most Well Known Windsor Knot.

The St. Andrew Knot (01:52)

Why would you want to wear a wool tie?

The Plattsburgh Knot (01:37)

Learn how to choose a tie pattern to suit different occasions

The Nicky Knot (01:20)

Learn how to choose a good quality designer tie

The Victorial Knot (01:12)

Learn how tie color can influence the people around you

The Christensen Knot (02:29)

Learn how to match your tie and shirt professionally

The Cavendish Knot (01:34)

Learn how to use the various tie accessories smartly

More Tie Knots Video

Most Commonly Worn Knot
Four in Hand Knot (01:47)

Most Easiest Knot
Oriental Knot (01:14)

Classic Necktie Knots
Windsor Knot (02:18)
Half Windsor Knot (02:20)
Pratt Knot (01:08)

Bow Tie Knot
Tie a Bow Tie (02:40)

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