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Sir Paul Smith became a fashion designer only because of a bicycle accident that stymied his previous dreams. His father had been a tailor, which laid the foundation for his work as a designer. Smith's first shop was set up in Nottingham in 1970, and his business grew rapidly from there. He became so respected as a designer that in 2001, after three decades of designing, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him. You can find Smith's clothing at fourteen boutiques in England, and at department stores in 35 countries. His success both as a designer and retailer has been phenomenal, and his talent is undeniable.

The Paul Smith designer tie is a little bit conservative, and a little bit funky. His colors are muted and dark, browns, blacks, and blues. But his patterns are just a bit quirky. One personal favorite includes randomly scattered white cubes on a black background, while another looks geometric but is actually peppered with spades.

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A traditional man can wear a Paul Smith tie with a smile in his heart at the eccentric, but almost unrecognizable pattern, he's sporting.

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