The Polyester Tie
Not as Cheap as you Think

A polyester tie may be seen as "cheap" by those who are very in to styling their image. Do you agree?

Well, as a man made material polyester certainly has come a long way. And there isn't any place where you will not find polyester now, even in expensive department stores. So what exactly is a polyester necktie and what can it do for you?

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Characteristics of Polyester

The creation of polyester is a highly complicate chemical process that starts with the same crude oil that fuels our cars. Polymer fibers are melted and chemically bonded, and then formed into long strands which are spun into thread and yarn. These are then Woven or Knitted into fabric.

Many people dislike some of the properties of pure polyester, thus the fiber is sometimes blended with cotton or wool to combine the properties of the two fibers. Whatever your opinion of polyester is, the process of its creation truly is a modern technological marvel.

Pros and Cons of Polyester Tie

Polyester necktie has many positive qualities, which is probably the reason why they are still produced in massive quantities. Polyester is wrinkle resistant, which means your tie won't look rumpled and worn halfway through the day.

The material is also stain resistant, which makes it a safe choice for wild holiday work parties and for dinners out. In the chance that it does get spilled on, polyester is far easier to clean than its natural cousin silk.

The selling point for many folks: a polyester necktie is about half the price (or less) than a Silk Tie.

But of course, polyester neckties have their downside as well. Polyester does not breathe, which matters less in a tie than in a garment, but you still may get that yucky, clammy feeling around your neck.

Even though it is a stain resistant fabric, polyester can stain, and once it does it's nearly impossible to get out. The same principal goes for smells, if you have a sweaty neck, your tie will smell like sweat, forever.

You also should never apply direct heat (like an iron) to polyester. If you do the fabric will melt, and if you're lucky all you'll have is a glob in the middle of your tie. If you get this hot goo on you, the burns can be very severe.

Will you Buy a Polyester Tie?

You can find polyester neckties being made all over the world. Some of the most funky polyester novelty ties are made in the US. China is probably the largest producer of these ties, creating and exporting hundreds of thousands per year.

There are no real artisan polyester necktie producers, most handmade ties are made out of silk. Still, even some of the most well known designers, such as Kenneth Cole, have tie lines made out of polyester.

The polyester necktie can really be seen as a substitute anywhere you would wear a Satin Tie, such as to work or out to dinner.

The advantage to wearing polyester when eating out instead of silk is that if you spill food or drink on the tie it is much less of a tragedy than if the tie were silk. The cost for replacement is less, and cleaning is easier.

So the next time you have a work dinner or cocktail party, consider wearing a polyester tie instead. No one will notice it's not silk, not even me!

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