The Satin Tie
You Deserve a Brighter Look

Satin tie, a chic men's accessory, is a must have for any businessman who is serious about his image.

But what is so special about this tie, and why would you prefer a satin necktie over any other tie material?

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Characteristics of Satin

Satin fabric is made using a special weaving technique that results in a glossy, silky front with a dull matte back. This weaving technique uses long floats, which are threads left to run for long lengths before being held back down by the weft (threads running the opposite direction).

This means that a satin necktie will be sleek and glossy, and will naturally reflect light. No other fabric will do this, making it unique in at least this one aspect.

Satin can actually be made of either Silk (a natural product), or Polyester (a man made product). Both fibers will produce a similar fabric once woven with a satin weave.

Pros and Cons of Satin Tie

Satin necktie has many pros to recommend it to any professional man. Since satin naturally reflects light, your tie will look bold and sometimes almost three dimensional, creating a very powerful look. Colors look very bright in satin fabric, and won't fade and become washed out over time.

Satin is also a very common Tie Fabric, so you should have little trouble finding a wide selection of satin ties to choose from, in many prints and Colors. It's little wonder why many men choose to wear this type of tie.

However, nothing is perfect, including the satin necktie. Because the floats in the weave are long, they can tend to snag easily, and once they do so the bunched up thread never looks right again.

If your tie is a silk satin then it is also not recommended that you clean it, which can make wearing it out to business dinners a very risky affair. In addition, if the tie is made of silk it will be fairly costly (upwards of one hundred US dollars sometimes). On the other hand, if it is polyester it will be cheaper to replace, but less likely to last.

Quality of Satin Necktie

Pretty much every country in the world produces some satin neckties. For the higher end, silk ties, some of the big players include China, Japan, and Italy. The Asian countries have it made, because they are big producers of silk worms which produce the raw silk for the Chinese and Japanese to process.

Italy is simply well known as a design capital of the world, featuring designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Many of the ties made in Italy are of the highest handmade quality, and are even a status symbol of sorts.

If you are looking for a polyester satin necktie, you can find many made in China and India, and some even made in the USA. Be on the lookout for good quality, decently priced satin neckties were imported from all over the world.

Satin Tie is Great for All Formal Occasions

Maybe you are wondering, where in the world can I wear my satin necktie? Fear not, it is a formal staple for every occasion. Many men wear it to the office every day.

This type of tie is also useful for evenings out, when you want to make a bold and handsome statement, but the occasion doesn't quite call for a tuxedo. This tie is one of the most versatile, which is why you will find it on so many closets and on so many men.

If you are looking to build your tie collection, a gathering of Solid, Striped, and Geometric satin neckties is a great place to start.

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