The Solid Color Tie
A Bold Statement for the Workplace

The solid color tie is truly the workhorse of the tie world. It can be used in just about any situation, from daily work wear to special occasions. It is one of the most classic, understated, and essential pieces of any professional man's wardrobe.

At its best, a solid color necktie can pull together a suit and project a powerful presence, there is a reason after all why the solid red tie is called a "power tie". If you are just starting out as a professional man, infusing your wardrobe with these ties is the first step to presenting yourself successfully.

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When to Wear a Solid Color Necktie?

If you work in a conservative office a solid color necktie is especially appropriate because it lacks patterns that may be too busy or carry any connotations (like some novelty ties or paisley ties).

A formal event is also a perfect occasion for a Color Tie, with the go-to choice being a Black Tie of course. Wherever you go, if you are going in a suit, then an infallible choice is a solid tie.

Why Solid Color Tie is forever a Great choice?

One of the many reasons men prefer single color ties is because you simply can't go wrong with them, they will never be inappropriate or out of style.

Single color ties are also a great choice for men who like to wear patterned shirts, because you don't want to mix shirt and Tie Patterns.

Besides this, a solid tie also has a powerful, bold presence, especially when the tie is made of Silk. Silk reflects light naturally, so the color leaps off of the tie and creates a shiny, 3d like appearance. This is especially true of a Red Tie, which represents strength and wealth, and is also known as a "power tie".

Consider the connotations of the color of the tie you are putting on in the morning, because it can have an impact on how others perceive you.

Matching the Tie Color

Matching the color of your solid color necktie to your suit is also very important. As I mentioned before, color ties are very handy for men who like patterned shirts, but they can also be worn with a plain shirt as well.

Make use of a Color Wheel to match complimentary colors, which are on opposite sides of the wheel. Of course, you can wear any color tie with a white shirt. The color of your suit also has an impact as well.

Try to keep earthier hues together like a brown suit and emerald Green Tie, while also keeping cool colors, like black and red and blue together. Your suit should be neutral, so use your tie as a pinpoint of color. More on Matching Tie and Shirt.

Quality of Solid Color Tie

Because single color ties are such a basic staple, you will find them in every line of fashion ties out there, from Kenneth Cole to Giorgio Armani to Raffaello Solids at The key to buying a good solid tie is to look for quality. Many of the handmade Italian ties certainly fit the bill, such as the above mentioned Italian design houses.

Look for hand stitching, quality lining, and snag free silk. All of these attributes will contribute to a tie that is simply glorious to behold.

Wear your solid color necktie with pride and confidence, you look good.

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