The Striped Tie 
A Men's Wardrobe Staple

There is a striped tie out there for every man's taste, from muted earth tones to rich jewel colors.

This pattern is versatile, popular, and has a rich history. But where did this pattern come from? And how can it benefit you? Let's start with a trip through the rivers of history.

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A Brief History of Striped Necktie

The first known use of this tie was with the college rowers of Exeter College in Oxford. They took their boaters and tied them around their necks as a way to identify with their school. This improvised accessory soon evolved into a true striped necktie, made with the college's school colors.

From that time on, striped neckties have been used as a means of identification for certain schools. These ties are either for formal occasions or are even part of a school uniform, incorporating the school colors. This is a British connotation however; in America striped neckties do not hold the same meaning

Why is Striped Necktie so Popular?

These ties can come in many colors with varying width of striped. There is a simple two color repeat with stripes that are similar in width, and there are also ties with multiple colors and varying stripe width. This variety means that striped ties have never become an old or outdated pattern, because there are so many different variations possible.

It can be great for many occasions. As mentioned before it is used in school uniforms across the United Kingdom, but this Tie Pattern is also useful outside of the classroom.

Aside from the Solid Color Tie, it is considered one of the most conservative patterns available. This means that the stripe pattern is a great choice for interviews, special meetings, or even the daily grind.

The pattern is wonderful because it gives a conservative professional the choice to have a tie with a colorful pattern, without going into the realm of questionable taste. This makes it a viable and popular option for many working men.

Of course, it is important to coordinate your striped necktie with your dress shirt properly. The tie can be very distracting if this is not done correctly.

Matching the Striped Tie

One of the most important considerations when matching a shirt and patterned tie is the color of the shirt. If you're are wearing a dress shirt that is any other color than white, then the background color in the pattern needs to match the color of your shirt.

Say you have on a baby blue dress shirt and are choosing between a tie with large brown and small yellow stripes, and a tie with large yellow and small light blue stripes. You would go with the second tie because the background color matches your dress shirt, it's that simple!

However, if you are wearing a white dress shirt then feel free to take the reins and choose whichever colors you wish. More on Matching Tie and Shirt.

Quality of Striped Necktie

There are many wonderful designers of striped neckties out there, including the Italian greats like Versace and Gucci. But if you want to buy it from the country of its origin, try the English designers. Harrods, House of Fraser, and Liberty of London are all famous and well respected designers of men's neckwear, and their fondness for striped ties is undeniable. The high quality products filled with rich history will make you so proud you'll likely stand taller. For online shopping sites, try "Charles Tyrwhitt - dress for success, now in the USA!" and Thomas Pink

If you are in need of some variety in your neckwear wardrobe, consider a striped necktie. It's a great alternative if you wish to spice up your tie wardrobe, without plunging off of the pattern deep end. You will be conservative, stylish, and colorful.

After all, you do deserve a little spice to your clothing life, right?

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