Tie Accessories
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Common tie accessories like tie clip and tiealign are useful items that can help to hold the tie in a proper position. It will ensure that the tie will never end up in the sink while you are washing your hand.

You would appreciate having a tie rack if you own over dozens of ties. It can help you to organize your ties in a manner that are esay for you to take out and put back. Finally if you need to travel frequently, you would find tie accessories like tie winder and tie case useful.

Tie Bar

A tie bar (also known as tie slide) is used to slide across the middle part of your tie and shirt. This will help to attach the tie to the underlying shirt to prevent it from swinging out of place.

Tie Clip

A tie clip (also known as tie clasp) is used to hold a necktie to the underlying dress shirt. It clips the tie to the shirt by pressing down and releasing one end of the clip. Tie clip can also serve as a decorative item to the overall dressing.

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This tie accessory perform the same function as tie clip did except that it works very differently. It hide behind the tie and is invisible to others. It's a rectangular piece of material made of plastic or cloth with two holes, which enable the shirt button to attach to it, at both ends.

Here's how it works: First button one end of the tiealign to your shirt button, one that is just above the label loop (can be found on the back of your tie). Then slip the other end through the label loop. Finally button it to the shirt with the button that is just below the label loop.

The advantage of tiealign over tie clip is that you can get through the airport security check without any hassle. As it is not made of metal, you don't have to remove it from your tie.

Tie Rack

There are too many types and designs of tie racks available in the market. The following are few of them. This particular 30 Tie Organizer - Wall Mounted have received very good reviews. Read these feedback from some of the users before you make up your mind.

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If you have too many ties and wanted all to be stored in a single rack, you may consider a motorized tie rack that can hold up to 70 ties. The following video clip shows how a motorized tie rack works.

However, there are pros and cons about motorized tie rack. The middle one of the following racks seems to receive better reviews as compared to others.

Tie Winder

If you are looking for a way to store your tie wrinkle-free while traveling, a tie winder is the item that serve this purpose well. As the tie was rolled up and stored in a plastic container, it also help to keep dust away.

Tie Case

In most cases, one or two tie winders are all you needed for a short trip. Unless you need to carry more ties or prefer to put all ties in a holder, for that matter a tie case is what you needed.

You may want to learn how to tie a tie from 12 Tie Tying Video Clips presented in this site.

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