Tie Color
The Meaning behind the Silk

Tie color is one of the best ways to convey your personality through fashion. Learn also how to match your tie and shirt.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the color of your tie can influence the people around you. So before tying that knot in the morning, consider what personality traits you are conveying through the color of your tie.

Red Ties

Reds are a power color, symbolizing wealth, strength, and passion. Many cultures also find special meaning in the color red, such as good luck.

If you are going into a meeting where you need to lead your business team to a hard-won victory, Red is an excellent choice for a tie color. Try a solid colored, ruby red silk tie for the ultimate power effect.

Oranges also fall into the same category, though they are an even bolder style choice. Find out why red is a power tie?

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Blue Ties

Blue is a calming, soothing color which radiates peace and tranquility. If you are going into a hostile meeting with tense parties, then Blue is an excellent color choice.

But just because blue is peaceful, does not mean it is a weak color, it is persistent and everlasting, like waves upon the shore.

Try mixing blue with red or yellow to add a power dynamic to the tie color scheme. Learn how to dress up with your blue tie?

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Yellow Ties

Yellow is a complex color. In the English language it has connotations of cowardice, indicated by terms like "yellow-bellied coward".

But yellow is also the color of the sun, representing its radiance and vitality. If you are going to wear a Yellow Tie, make sure you have the personality to carry it off by being outgoing and forthright.

Yellow also mixes very well with blues and creates a striking effect in patterns and Stripes. Learn how to match a yellow tie with your shirt and suit.

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Black Ties

The Black Tie is closely associated with very formal events. In fact, very fancy gatherings or parties are often known as "black tie" events. You should truly save your black ties for these special events.

But black can be used very effectively as a color in Patterned Ties, especially when combined with white. Don't discount black as a tie color, just save the solids for special occasions. Learn how to dress up for a black tie event.

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Green Ties

As any businessman knows, the color of money is green! What better way to attract money to you than by wearing a Green Tie?

The color green is also seen as a symbol of rebirth and growth, and is a good way to project yourself as a team player who is growing in knowledge and skills.

Be careful to avoid the negative connotations of green as a tie color however; you wouldn't want people to see you as "green with jealousy". Save that kind of energy for improving yourself instead.

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Brown Ties

A brown tie projects the image of a very down-to-earth, practical man. This is a color that says "I can get the job done". It may be a bit boring, and without excitement, but it is a solid and reliable color. What employer wouldn't want a reliable employee?

You can spice up a Brown Tie with more powerful colors like red, which makes an excellent contrast to the earthy color. Find out why brown is a calm color that soothes rather than excites.

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Whichever color of tie you choose, keep in mind that it can have an effect on your professional presentation. Play to your natural taste in colors and enjoy patterns as well. Learn also how to match your tie and shirt. The biggest thing to keep in mind: have fun and enjoy yourself!

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