Tie Fabric
The Key to Choosing a Quality Necktie

Knowing your tie fabric is one of the most important considerations when buying a necktie.

Ties are made out of many different fibers, some with substantially more quality than others. In order to carry yourself as a professional you deserve a quality accessory made out of reliable fabric. Read through the brief descriptions below to help you decide which fabric is right for you.

Silk Tie

A luxury and a staple at the same time, Silk Ties are the mark of a classy man. Many of the top designers use this exclusively as a tie fabric. Depending on the type of silk and the processing method the resulting fabric can range from smooth and liquid to stiff and slightly crunchy.

Silk ties can be used year round as they are neither too light nor too warm. If you are looking for a classic, versatile tie, then silk is for you. Learn the pros and cons of silk ties.

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Satin Tie

Satin fabric can be made up of any fiber with a long filament, such as silk, nylon, or polyester. When these fibers are woven using a "satin weave" the resulting fabric is called satin. Satin fabric is glossy and smooth on one side, and matte and dull on the other.

Satin Ties can make a gorgeous accent to a somber suit, and can look very rich, luxurious and shiny. Any faults or snags in the material will stand out however, because of the smooth and shiny nature of the fabric. A professional man must keep this in mind, for it may mean a shorter wearable life for the tie. Find out why satin tie is great for all formal occasions

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Polyester Tie

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is petroleum based (it is a byproduct of the gas refining process). Polyester can be used to make satin fabric as well. It is touted as being cheaper, while having much the same appearance as silk does.

Polyester's bonuses include being stain and water resistant. This fabric traps scents however, such as cologne worn on the neck, and won't let them go. Polyester also does not stand up well to heat and will melt under direct heat. Why you would want to buy a polyester tie?

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Wool Tie

Wool ties come in both Knitted and Woven fabric. Both looks are coming back with a vengeance, which is wonderful because wool makes an excellent winter tie.

Wool is very insulating, and depending on the type of sheep the wool was gathered from, it can also be very soft. Keep an eye out for the cream of the crop, merino wool, which makes an excellent tie fabric.

Wool Ties tend to look a bit more rustic, and can project a down-to-earth air about a professional man. Wool is also blended with silk sometimes to create a unique and special fabric. Find out where are the best wool ties come from.

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Cashmere Tie

The ultimate luxury fiber, Cashmere is the tie fabric for the most special of men. Cashmere is combed from the bellies of cashmere goats, which only produce a tiny amount of fiber every year. This soft hair has a faint halo when spun, and is even warmer than wool. Cashmere is often blended with silk to smooth its halo and to give it more drape. Learn the characteristics of cashmere.

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As you can see, you have many choices of tie fabric as a professional man. Each has its merits, but which should you choose?

Really it depends on the occasion and your budget. The one exception to this rule is polyester. Synthetic fabrics will snag easily and will look cheap after just a few wears, and as a professional this is just an image you cannot afford to project.

The price difference between synthetic and natural ties is negotiable, because ties made with natural fabrics will last you longer and be of higher quality. Beyond that it is up to you to decide. Make sure you read the label of the tie to check for fabric contents, or ask a salesperson about the fabric.

Good luck finding the right necktie with the right tie fabric, and may you always look handsome and stylish.

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