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The Choices Besides Solid Color Tie

Incorporating a tie pattern into your ensemble not only livens up your outfit, but it makes you more memorable as a professional man. Learn also how to match your tie and shirt.

But sometimes it seems that there are so many choices out there that it's impossible to pick just a few. Even after you have made a decision, how can you be sure you have picked the right tie for the occasion? Don't fret, we're here to help.

Below is a list of popular tie patterns, their origins and uses. Just print out our handy guide, and take it shopping with you for a worry-free tie buying experience.

Solid Color

The Solid Color Tie is the most basic wardrobe staple a man can have. Use them as a bold statement (such as the red silk "power tie"), or as a conservative option for the workplace.

The solid color tie is your safest bet when building a tie collection. Find out why solid color tie is forever a great choice?

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Stripes were originally used on neckties as a means of school identification in Britain. In fact, many schools still have Striped Ties as part of their uniforms, each school having unique colors and sets of stripes.

In America however, stripes are not used in this way, and are simply seen as a pleasant and conservative pattern. Find out why is striped necktie so popular?

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A Checked Tie, like the stripe, is another tie pattern that is suitable for the conservative workplace. Usually made up of small lines crisscrossing each other throughout the length of the tie, checked tie can have mesmerizing visual appeal. Learn how to match a checked tie with your dress shirt.

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Geometric Tie pattern is made up of many basic shapes, such as squares or triangles, covering the basic background of the tie. One designer who tends towards such patterns is Kenneth Cole.

These harsh lines show the office that you mean business. Another tie that is wonderful for work. Find out why would you want to wear a geometric necktie.

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The polka dotted tie can be trendy and work friendly at the same time. With muted colors like black, silver, or dark blue, this pattern can appear very professional and business minded.

If you work in a more freethinking environment, a Dotted Tie with primary colors or jewel tones would make a bright impact on your apparel. The effect of this pattern really changes with the color choice.

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Paisley Tie pattern originally comes from Persia, where it was recognized as a fertility sign. In the 60's it evolved into a design used by many hippies focused on free love and peace.

The tear-drop shape makes a lovely tie design, but judge your workplace before wearing it to the office. As mentioned earlier, the design is most strongly associated with hippies, and in very conservative workplaces this would be considered a bad thing. Have an open-minded office? Go for it!

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The Knitted Tie is once again making a popular comeback. Made out of wool or cotton, this tie pattern comes mostly in Stripes and Solid Colors, and is popular with the computer crowd. Learn how to choose a knit tie for work and play.

A little less formal than most of the ties above, a knitted tie is a really great choice for casual Fridays.

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A Woven Tie has a visible bumpy texture and a matte finish. Made mostly out of wool, this tie makes an excellent addition to a woven wool jacket as part of a winter suit.

The woven tie looks less slick than the silk tie, and can project a practical air. Find out why would you want to wear a woven tie.

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So as you can see, you really do have many choices, but we've narrowed down what may be appropriate for your particular workplace and what may not. Don't push yourself to get your whole collection built at once, enjoy picking up something here and something there. Learn also how to match your tie and shirt.

And remember, keep an eye out, there's always something new and exciting on the horizon.

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