Tie Tying Video
12 Different Ways to Tie a Tie

12 tie tying video teach you how to tie a tie. If you have never tied a necktie before or you have simply forgotten how to do it, you have found the right place. You could easily tie a tie by yourself with the help of one of the following 12 tie a tie video clips.

There are at least 12 different ways to tie a tie, as you would see and learn all of them here. Definitely one of the necktie knots will fit you well, try out few of them and decide on one for yourself.

Take note that some necktie knots required the tie to be placed inside-out around the collar with the inner part facing outward.

Another thing to take note is that the tip of the wide end should be placed about 12 inches (a bit more or less depends on your height, tie thickness etc) below the narrow end. You may have to tie a few times by trial and errors in order to get the tie correctly position just over the belt buckle.

Most Commonly Worn Knot

Most Easiest Knot

Classic Necktie Knots

Other Necktie Knots

Bow Tie Knot

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