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Tommy Hilfiger is one of the unmistakable names of American fashion design. Hilfiger was born in 1951 in Elmira, New York, and started working retail at age 18. When his personal store, The People's Place, was closed when Hilfiger was 25, he was offered several design apprenticeships with big names such as Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. He turned these down, as he had bigger plans in mind. He introduced his first collection and founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1984, and the company grew rapidly, employing 5,400 people by 2004. In 2006 however, Hilfiger sold his company to a private investment corporation for $1.6 billion. Nonetheless, the name Tommy Hilfiger will be an icon of American fashion for many years to come.

The Tommy Hilfiger designer tie radiates a kind of California sunshine that epitomizes the brand. Many of the ties come in light colors like lilac, light blue, and warm yellows. These sunny colors are then paired with classic American patterns, such as plaids and tiny geometric patterns. The combination of the bright colors and conservative patterns makes for a unique tie.

The man who wears Hilfiger is someone who wants to bring a little light to their ensemble, and to their life, but at the same time wants to be demure about doing it. Tommy's ties don't scream for attention, rather they give an impression of openness about the wearer that makes him very approachable.

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