The Yellow Tie
How to Dress Smartly with a Yellow Ties?

If you are looking to bring a little sunshine with you to work, then a yellow tie is certainly the ticket.

Yellow is a color that carries many connotations, both positive and negative. Let's explore both sides of this fascinating primary color.

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The Meaning behind a Yellow Necktie

In Western cultures yellow is known to be a color that signifies cowardice or jealousy. In American slang someone could be called a "yellow-bellied coward" as an offensive term. However, yellow has also been known to be a color that signifies joy, radiance and prosperity.

Because the rays of the sun are seen or depicted as yellow, the color has positive associations revolving around its relationship with the sun. Yellow is therefore seen as warm and powerful by some.

King Louis XIV of France was very fond of the color and adopted it as a sort of representation of his power. It is even said that King Henry VIII of England and his wife Anne Boleyn dressed in yellow to celebrate Queen Katharine's death. Certainly, yellow is not a boring color.

Matching a Yellow Tie with your Shirt and Suit

But beyond the history of the color is the question of how to match your shirt and suit to your yellow necktie. Rest assured, there are many outfits that are compatible with the color. On the Color Wheel the complimentary color to yellow is violet or a dark blue. Try matching your tie with a purple shirt, or perhaps a navy suit. Using complimentary colors will really play up your tie and make it stand out for all to see.

If you want a more subtle look try wearing a plain white shirt underneath, this goes with everything. Another idea is to pick out a plain yellow necktie and a patterned shirt which incorporates a small amount of yellow. You can wear a patterned shirt and a Patterned Tie, but just remember that the pattern on your shirt must always be smaller than the pattern on your tie. This way the two patterns aren't clashing and creating a busy, chaotic mess. More on Matching Tie and Shirt.

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If you are looking to buy a yellow necktie you are in luck, they happen to be everywhere you look! If you are looking for a mellower palette and milder prints try Thomas Pink , where you can find quality handmade Silk Ties from London.

To locate Italian pizzazz I always go to . I found many great novelty ties by the likes of Fornasetti as well as Leonard, and the Raffaello Solids line is made up of beautiful solids and subtle prints. Look for Knit Ties in the collection in addition to the regular Woven Ties as well.

Wear a yellow necktie to your work place, I'm sure you'll shine like the rays of the sun itself!

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